This is an ongoing project. I needed a RIB to program some Motorola Radio. Instead of building a box for each radio I decided what I needed was a universal box. This is what I have come up with at this point. I found a web site with a wonderfull programer that did most of what I wnted here. I also found information on the Motorola RIB box on the Bat Labs Web site. My box is a combination of both of these, plus a few little additions.

On my homebrew RIB, Use a DB-25 connector just like that Motorola Rib. This will allow the use of the Motorola cables with my box. The DB-25's large hood also allows room in the cable for components that are specific to a particular radio. Use an small external power supply to provide +12 and +5 and -5 volts

Currently I have it set up to program the following radios in the shack.

  • Motorola GM300, MAX638Plus, GM338, MTR2000, GP300, GP338, etc.
  • Yaesu VX-6R
  • Suicom SH135 VHF/UHF
Pin out for DB-25 Connector Bold matches signals on Motorola RLN4008
1 - Gnd
2 -
Mic Hi (Gnd)
4 -
6 -
8 -
11 -
12 -
SWB+ 12 Volts
13 -
15 -
24 -
BUS+ 25

Thanks for YC5NBX for copy that PCB


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